Learn Music School Program Enrolment

School Program Enrolment
The following lessons are currently on offer at St Thomas Catholic Primary School

Acoustic GuitarGroupTerm 1 - 2024$20.00 Enrol
Acoustic GuitarPrivateTerm 1 - 2024$35.00 Enrol

Student Requirements
This is just a quick brief to let you know what your student will require prior to commencement of their music lesson. The equipment you will need is:
  • Your instrument – This does NOT need to be a new instrument but it does need to be a playable one! Guitars and Ukulele's are best to be purchased outright (you own it) as the cost is fairly reasonable if you choose a suitable student guitar and this will usually outweigh the cost of rental. It can be quite difficult & expensive to rent a guitar for a student. We suggest Binary Music for all your instrument and accessories needs (3488 2230) as they are very reliable and attentive to our students - best of all they will deliver your instrument to you
  • A music stand – Any music stand of any value or type is all you will need.
  • Spares – Be prepared and have a few spare strings and plectrums for your guitar or ukulele. If you are unsure exactly what to get, just ask your teacher for more detail.
  • Miscellaneous – Things that you DO NOT NEED but are often good to have are: a reasonable instrument stand, a reasonable case for transportation (if your instrument does not already have one), correct cleaning equipment, a capo and an electronic tuner.
If you need any clarification or further information on any of the above topics, please feel free to contact your teacher or the Learn Music School Program administrator at any time.